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Peckens TV Repair is glad you're considering us for your TV repair needs. Long are the days when problems can be fixed with a good hit. Today's TVs are a lot more sophisticated, and when it comes to problems such as burn in, dead pixels, or mis-calibration, you'll need a professional. 

Because of our great work, we have been recognized for excellence in electronics repair. Whether it runs on a plug or battery, chances are, we can fix it right up. Our goal is to provide services that our clients can depend on time and time again. We want to be a constant in your life. When you think of electronics repair, we hope our name is the first one you think of.

The secret to our success is your input and opinion. We are eager to hear what you have to say. When we cooperate, we can accomplish great things together. Because of this, you will always be our first priority. 

We've distinguished ourselves with our tenacious effort and attention to detail. Expect no less than our very best. We never slack off and give you a 100% every time. If you need help, you can always come to us.

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